The Encouragement We Needed

We wanted to thank you for all your assistance in helping us look for houses and lots in and around the Stowe area. Trying to find a place which fit our needs while concurrently living several hours from the area was challenging and your help was instrumental in making our search successful. We greatly appreciated your consideration of the time and cost involved for us to make trips up to look at places, particularly the flexibility you showed in regard to planning and scheduling things in a way which allowed us to make the best use of the often limited time we had in the area during our trips to view houses and lots.

When it came to evaluating prices of properties, determining offer strategy, putting our offer together, negotiating the final purchase, plus all the research, paperwork and details associated with those tasks the skills you possess were readily apparent and proved invaluable to us.

Most important to us though was the encouragement and support you gave us when we started to get discouraged at the prospect of finding a property that was right for us after we were unable to reach mutually acceptable agreements with more than one seller. It felt to us that you were at least as much a friend at those moments as you were a true realty professional working for us. Furthermore, in retrospect, the fact that those properties we attempted to purchase but couldn’t come to agreement with the seller on are still for sale at asking prices equal to or less than our last best offers shows that your knowledge of, and advice to us about, the market in the area was quite sound.

We would like you to know we wouldn’t think twice about working with you again or recommending your services to others.