Regardless of the type of agency relationship, I will disclose all material facts within my knowledge concerning the property being sold. As a Sellers agent I can assist you in locating a property, preparing a contract and obtain financing. There is no requirement that you must be represented by a Realtor in the Sale or Purchase of a property.

  • Material Facts are any fact that would diminish value.
  • Any fact that would affect the marketability of deed.
  • Any fact that is a generally accepted hazard.

1.As a Customer:

  • I Work With you.
  • I am a Resource for information, but cannot give you advice.
  • I am required to give you Honest and Fair Treatment and Full disclosure of Material Facts.
  • I will Work with you as time permits and
  • Offer you information on MLS listings only

Seller’s Agents – Work with customers and the agent you are working with shows you a property listed by the agent’s own firm.

Broker’s Agents – Work with customers and the agent you are working with shows you a property listed by another cooperating broker within the Multiple Listing Service. The agent is then representing the other Real Estate Brokerage Firm for the seller.

Sellers Agents and Brokers Agents cannot advise you what to offer, they cannot offer privileged information on the sellers bargaining position if they know of any information. Do not tell a seller’s agent or broker’s agent that you would offer more than the asking price or any privileged information that the seller could use during negotiations.

Vermont Fall Foliage

2.As a Client:

  • I Work For you.
  • I am a Resource for Information and can give you advice.
  • I have Fiduciary duties to you.
  • Full disclosure of Material Facts
  • I will give you full time effort to you as Principle.
  • Make entire Market available to you including For Sale by Owners.

Buyer’s Agents – Work with clients and the agent you are working with has had you sign an Exclusive Right to Represent Buyer Contract. Now the agent can work for you in finding a suitable property and to purchase the property at a price and terms suitable to you, the buyer.

Note: If you choose a Re/Max North Professionals listing, a Designated Agency Agreement to Represent Buyer Contract can be in place with another Re/Max North Professionals Agent.

Who Pays My Realtor’s Compensation?

All properties that are listed within the Multiple Listing Service, MLS, the seller has already agreed to pay the commission. As a client, if you choose to look at unlisted properties, homes for sale by owner, we would then build our commission into the purchase price of the home. In the unusual event where the seller will not allow it, you can go ahead and buy it and plan on bringing a check to the closing. It is up to you.